And So Cal’s Best Pro Sports Stadium Goes To…

The Staples Center, is the home of the 16 time world champion, Los Angeles Lakers, as well as the home venue of the Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Kings and the WNBA‘s Los Angeles Sparks.



My choice for best stadium in Southern Calif. comes to no surprise to fans who have been attending the Staples Center regularly, like myself.

There are a few reasons why the Staples Center is my favorite stadium in So. Cal.

The stadium has a long list of food and beverages, with a 38-page PDF to be exact, including a wide variety of cuisine such as Blaze Pizza, BS Taqueria, Dave’s Doghouse, Deli & Dash, Impact Sports Bar & Grill, Wetzel’s Pretzels and McDonald’s among many other options.

Each NBA season, I attend one Lakers game and each time I arrive to the stadium early, there are numerous giveaways that the Lakers have to offer, including free food and drinks, signed memorabilia, free single game tickets as well as discounted season ticket prices for the following season.


During Lakers games, the Staples Center offers fans the Swish Zone Challenge, set up to let fans participate in a free throw contest and enjoy complimentary phone charging.

Each team has their own team store also located in the Main Concourse at each Staples Center professional sporting event, which allows fans to get the newest jerseys and other memorabilia.
Finally, at Lakers games at Staples Center, see the hottest vehicles from Toyota and learn how you could enter to win great Lakers prizes in the Toyota Zone located in the Main Concourse.

It is not just the food, giveaways, and concourse activities that make the Staples Center such a great venue for fans.

The rich history of franchises such as the Lakers and the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings who have so many championships and banners raised makes the trip to Staples Center that much more memorable.



A Newcomer’s Guide to the Honda Center, home of the Anaheim Ducks

When I hear the word “hockey,” I usually think of cold, snowy states on the East Coast playing a game where two teams try to maneuver a puck into the other’s net, using a hockey stick.



Living in Southern California almost my entire life, it was not up until three years ago that I actually experienced a live NHL game, partly due to the fact that I played sports like soccer, basketball and tennis growing up, but also because of the often scorching temperatures year around in the region known as the Inland Empire.

I attended an Anaheim Ducks game at the Honda Center in February 2015 with a friend of mine, a hockey fanatic, and I was skeptical at first because I rarely watched hockey  (only during the Stanley Cup if the Ducks or Los Angeles Kings were playing).



To make a long story short, it was one of the greatest professional sporting events I have ever been to, and I would love to offer some insight to other newcomers who want to experience a hockey game at the Honda Center.

First, bring a jacket; according to USA Hockey, the ice temperature around 24 degrees Fahrenheit, the air temperature usually hovers between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which is certainly too cold for shorts and a t-shirt.

Next, grab a beer or other beverage and some food to enjoy the game; remember an NHL game has 60 minutes of regulation play broken into three twenty minute periods, including two 15 minute intermissions, which separate each of the three periods, with games typically ending sometime after the two hour mark, slightly shorter than other sporting events.

Domestic draft beer (Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light and Michelob Ultra) at the Honda Center is $10.50, premium draft beer (Estrella, Stella Artois and Shock Top) is $11 and cocktails are either $14 or $15, including the Honda Center Manhattan, consisting of Jack Daniel’s, sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters, and the stadium also offers a variety of wines (sparkling, red and white) ranging from $10.50 to $23 per glass.

The Honda Center has a ton of great food to offer Ducks fans as well as opposing teams’ fans.

The stadium has a long list of food items beginning with appetizers, including the Crispy Calamari, served with house marinara sauce and lemon aioli for $19 or the Nachos for $18.

Fans can be happy about the variety of entrees, including braised short ribs, served with red wine rosemary au-jus, grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes for $38 as well as the Sushi Sampler, five pieces of sashimi – bincho tataki, five pieces ofMaki – California and spicy tuna and five pieces of nigiri – shrimp, tuna and salmon for $29.

During intermissions, you can kill time by going to the back side of the South Entrance and the Honda Center concourse, which contains a state of the art bar and terrace with large high-definition screens that surround the walls.

Lastly, check out the team store as well as the customized set for all Fox Sports West/Prime Ticket pregame and postgame shows, with a chance to be on television in the background of one of the Ducks’ postgame shows!







A Family’s Guide to an Affordable Night at the Ballpark

Millions of Americans would love to go to baseball games with their families, but many people believe they don’t have the budget to enjoy an  afternoon or evening at the ballpark.

The simple truth is an affordable night at the stadium only requires you to buy a ticket or tickets, depending on the amount of people, as well as the inevitable parking fee.

Current Angel Stadium prices start as low as $3 per ticket whereas Dodger Stadium’s lowest ticket prices start at $2 per ticket.

Angel Stadium parking is $10 with $20 preferred parking while Dodger Stadium parking is $10 online, $15 at the gate,  $35 for preferred parking in advance and $50 for preferred parking at the gate.

If you do not wish to pay for parking, Uber is always a good alternative.


Here are a few tips if you plan on attending a baseball game and do not want to spend money on anything other than tickets.

First, be aware that you can bring food ands drinks in a cooler to Angel Stadium, but to bring food or drinks to Dodger Stadium, the items cannot be in bottles, cans, coolers or thermoses, and unbroken, factory sealed plastic water bottles and other non-alcoholic beverages of 1 liter or less are permitted.

It’s also important to remember that tailgating is illegal at Dodger Stadium as well as Angel Stadium, so if you are on a budget be aware of costly menu items at either ballpark.


Remember that tap water at any sporting event is free and you will not be charged.

Since its creation in 1903, MLB has given fans, rich and poor, an opportunity to enjoy baseball games at a low price, while teams such as the Angels and Dodgers provide fans of lower social class a generally low price of $10 for the price of regular parking.




LAFC’s Banc of California Stadium and what it means for Los Angeles and the MLS

The home of Major League Soccer’s latest expansion team, LAFC, opened to the public for the first time on Apr. 18, 2018, yet the fans are not the only ones who are excited by the Banc of California Stadium’s potential.

The Los Angeles Times reported on May 17, 2015 that the team chose the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena site to build a 22,000 seat capacity, state of the art stadium for the MLS in Exposition Park, bringing excitement about another franchise and venue for Southern Californians to enjoy.

The report also estimated the project would cost $250 million, create 1,200 temporary construction jobs and 1,800 full-time jobs and generate $2.5 million in annual tax revenue, also a plus for Californians living in the surrounding cities.






The MLS can also benefit from the Banc of California stadium in a few ways.

Major League Soccer had its debut season as the best professional soccer league in the United States in 1996.

The league had 10 teams in 1996 and now has 23 teams fighting for a chance to hoist the 2018 MLS Cup.

The stadium will not only bring added revenue to the MLS, but it will help make soccer more popular in Los Angeles and hopefully more in the United States, a much needed adjustment, especially in a time following a low-point in the history of the United States Men’s National Team.

In a state that is so close to a country like Mexico, where soccer is the primary sport, soccer has been popular in the state of California, but seems to be just Southern California that has most of the state’s premier youth club teams and leagues of development.



The addition of LAFC to the MLS and a budding rivalry with cross-town giants Los Angeles Galaxy can be just what the MLS needs to gain popularity among other Americans, not just people from Southern California.


The MLS has come a long way since its opening season in 1996, just as the popularity of soccer has grown drastically since that time.

The addition of a state of the art venue for LAFC seems like only a small improvement, but for the city of Los Angeles as well as the MLS, the benefits will exceed expectations financially as well as the impact it has on raising the competition level soccer in California as well as the United States.

Headed to an Angels or Dodgers game this season? Both teams unveiled new, costly menu items for the 2018 season


The start of the 2018 Major League Baseball season has brought with it a number of new menu items to American ballparks.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim unveiled a total of 15 dishes to their menu, while the Los Angeles Dodgers brought ten new menu items to Dodger Stadium.

Food prices on Yelp for these tasty items has a cost that ranges from $7 to $25 per item at Dodger Stadium and $8.50 to $25 per item at Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

The Dodgers have an item that has already become a fan favorite: the Cheet-O-Lote, a roasted sweet corn rubbed with lime, mayo, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, cotija cheese and tajin seasoning.

Another popular item at Dodger Stadium is the Churro Cake, composed of hot churro, horchata ice cream, Abuelita’s brand caramel and Abuelita’s brand shavings.

In Anaheim, Angel Stadium provides fans with its own array of calorie-loaded items, including the popular Pastrami Fries, which are loaded with pastrami, cheese, pickles and secret sauce.

The Smoked Ring Spud, a baked potato stuffed with smoked pork, cheddar cheese, green onions and topped with fried onions, has also established itself as one of Angel Stadium’s most delicious menu items.

Before mentioning a few of these mouth-watering foods, it is safe to assume that any kind of food or beverage you purchase at an Angels or Dodgers game will not be cheap.



Each year, the items on the menus at sporting events continue to grow in price, yet fans don’t seem to care, as MLB games continue to be great occasions for fans to spend their time and money.







What football fans can expect from the Chargers’ and Rams’ new stadium


Southern California is set to add another entertainment venue to its list of attractions, this time in the form of a $2.6 billion stadium, which will be the centerpiece of a 298-acre sports and entertainment district in Inglewood.

The new stadium, named the Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park, is set to open by the start of the 2020 NFL season and will host both the Los Angeles Rams and as the Los Angeles Chargers.

Football fans in Southern California will not be disappointed: the NFL’s soon-to-be largest stadium, which will have a seat capacity of 80,000, will also be the most expensive sports arena in the world.



The NFL has been criticized in the past for its handling of re-locating some franchises.

Most people can agree that the new entertainment palace that is the Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park will be everything fans want it to be, yet the location of the stadium was an area of discussion when proposing the upcoming stadium.

On January 31, 2014, the Los Angeles Times reported that Stan Kroenke, owner of the (then) St. Louis Rams, purchased a 60-acre parcel of land just north of the Hollywood Park site.

The area of land happens to be located in Inglewood, which some people did not see as an ideal location for a stadium due to the belief that the city is dangerous.

Another concern about the location of the Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park was that Inglewood is a city that is not close to any tourist attractions.

This second concern is a seemingly small one, however, due to the fact that the new stadium is going to be the centerpiece of a larger development known as the sports and entertainment district.

The sports and entertainment district will be a major gathering spot compared to the likes of Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Culver City and Playa Vista.


Pictured here: the former Hollywood Park horse racing track that will be the location for the Chargers and Rams home games starting in 2020


Chris Hibbs, the chief revenue officer for the L.A. Stadium and Entertainment District, revealed a model of the stadium and ensured that fans will not be disappointed.

Hibbs says to make sure you have cold beer, great hot dogs and food options, great sight lines and video boards that bring replays and Red Zone to life like no other building.

Fan bases for both the Rams and Chargers, as well as fans of opposing teams who visit the Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park, are in for a real treat when the stadium opens in 2020.